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How do you build an identity for a luxe interior brand, based in both London and Cornwall, that want to convey the feelings of city modernism, country heritage, sharp geometry, a monogram of the brands name, as well as echoing the shapes used in their work… multiple revisions is how.


Built in 2019 over the course of six months, many concepts, and lots of meetings, this project will always be a favourite. The YEO logo is still frequently referenced as being favourable by new clients in our design briefs — nothing feels better than having your own work recommended back to you as a direction to head in. The logo icon was built around; the form of the letter “Y” as a monogram; a foxes head to represent their Devon heritage; the foxes ears are shaped to resemble the soft curves found throughout the brands work; and obviously the all important geometric shapes.



MOVE. Studio


brand identity — branding implementation — marketing assets